Absolutely disgusts me. You motherf*ckers will get yours one day. How would you like if I kicked your fat *** around all day, clipped your extremities off, and swung your f*cking empty heads into the ground? Sad thing is, is that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, but you confine them to 3x5 quarters. While you sit in your big houses you bought with "blood money." I hope you watch the videos of your workers, and you actually do something about that ***, because it is Man's moral duty to respect, and care for the innocence around him.

Their are few people I hate, but you're some of them.

Fcking ***.

-A pissed (not of your product) consumer

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Houston, Texas, United States #757393

Just because there going to b food doesnt mean they should b tortured everyone n this video should b tortured this just shows how inhumane humanity can b i love meat but this has made me so sick i dont know if ill ever b able to eat meat again tyson should b boycotted they know what their employees do

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #757203

Some people really should clean up their language. I was sitting on my front steps one day a few years ago and my neighbor lady and another lady came out of the neighbor's house, next door, carrying her little dog and a pair of scissors and right there in the front yard, on a corner lot where anybody could see it, she proceeded to castrate the little dog, with her two little daughters watching. Things like this are a fact of life, but this lady also had a metal storage shed and a garage in the back yard that she could have done her operation in.

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