Watching the video i assumed there were reasons as to why they were cutting off the tail, and fixing them, and knocking them unconscious; but the methods varied ridiculously. The part about them living in cages is not what disgusted me.

With the vast majority of pigs that are to be taken care of, i highly doubt there is enough time in a day to take them all for a stroll in the park. But if the tail is to be chopped off, why should you hold the pig down using your foot and smash a shovel onto it? That is what is so inhumane. Punching a piglet with your fist and throwing it onto the ground repeatedly?

The pigs squirm on the ground like they have been given brain damage. When you go to a doctor to have a tooth pulled, the dentist does not knock your tooth out with a hammer. Why? Because there is a correct way to do things and a wrong way.

Kicking a pregnant pig? What good did that do, honestly? I wonder who trains and supervises these employees. There should be inspections that show up and make sure everything is being done correctly and investigate the locations of sites such as the ones in the viral video, to prevent the ridiculous amount of unneeded abuse observed in the video.

The company will never shut down.

Yes, Tyson supplies Wal Mart, Tyson also supplies Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut). Lose some employees?

I hope so. Doubt they will ever go out of business.

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