I was injured on the job at a Tyson Foods plant. Tyson attorney admitted in court that I was injured on the job and they accepted responsibility.

I rec'd "emergency" medical care and then nothing. When I returned to court, the Judge asked me if all the medical bills had been paid. When I responded with "I haven't been able to go to a Dr. because Tyson won't let me"...the Tyson attorney quickly informed the Judge that he would personnally guarantee I would get medical treatment.

After another couple of months, I got an appt in St Louis with a Tyson Dr. who did nothing except write a large report stating nothing was wrong with me. It's been 2 years now and because of intense pain, I got a MRI via my credit card and the MRI revealed I needed emergency surgery. I had surgery last Wed and alot of the pain is gone.

It is sad that a major corp will pay off a Dr. to state nothing is wrong so they can deny medical treatment.

It's even sadder for a Dr. to get all that education and sell himself out...guess he couldn't make a living treating and helping people....what a loser!!!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #758191

Sorry for your injury and pain and suffering. As previous comments were made you always have the right to an second opinion despite what the company doctor says.

However I want to let people know that not all companies are like this. I work for a company supplying onsite medical care and work very closely with the company doctors to assure the employees get the treatments that they need. Fore the most part everything works out for everyone and the employees are happy, unfortunately there are what I call the 2% out there that are always trying to take advantage of the system just to try and get money.

Again sorry for your unfortunate experience with the Tyson company and what you went through.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #756262

disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting!!!!! that's all I have to say..

I will never buy Tyson food again..if only one day you could feel the pain that those animals feel. U make me sick to my stomach.


When you are injured on the job.Sure you have to see a company dr.But you also have the right to seek another doctor's opinion as well.Everyone should know that company doctor's are just that,Company doctor's.They work in the companies best interest.This is what they are paid to do.DUH!

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