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I believe in wat they r doing to their animals r completely wrong imoral n inhumane! there r proper ways to slaughter animals n this is not the way to do it.

tyson foods needs to b fined an outrageous fine n have their employees in the video fired n not ever to b allowed working around any cattle or pets. tyson foods shiuld be held accountable for their employees action n the proper chains of commands should be fired as well and all parties involved should be sentenced to a prison term of minimum 5yrs with no gd time which means they do the whole 5yrs day for day. im also writing to my state representatives office n im writing to the attorney generaks office to see wat I can do or who to contact about this matter. I will not rest til sumthing is done.

my family n I have already stopped eating their meats n have thrown away all meat from them n their company.

if there is going to b a boycott of tysons meats at a wal-mart or newhere close to me ill b there boycottinv as well. PLEASE STOP THE CRUELTY N VIOLENCE AGAINST THESE ANIMALS N ALL ANIMALS.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755869

There are better ways of spelling than they way you spell. Also your capitalization, punctuation, etc.

needs to be improved.

You have just murdered the English language much more painfully than any animal has been treated. If you don't like the way meat plants treat their animals, start raising your own meat that way you can make sure the animals are treated the way you want them to be.

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