I believe in wat they r doing to their animals r completely wrong imoral n inhumane!there r proper ways to slaughter animals n this is not the way to do it.

tyson foods needs to b fined an outrageous fine n have their employees in the video fired n not ever to b allowed working around any cattle or pets. tyson foods shiuld be held accountable for their employees action n the proper chains of commands should be fired as well and all parties involved should be sentenced to a prison term of minimum 5yrs with no gd time which means they do the whole 5yrs day for day. im also writing to my state representatives office n im writing to the attorney generaks office to see wat I can do or who to contact about this matter. I will not rest til sumthing is done.

my family n I have already stopped eating their meats n have thrown away all meat from them n their company.

if there is going to b a boycott of tysons meats at a wal-mart or newhere close to me ill b there boycottinv as well.PLEASE STOP THE CRUELTY N VIOLENCE AGAINST THESE ANIMALS N ALL ANIMALS.

Monetary Loss: $300.


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