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This just made me cry to see how horrible Walmart's supplier is treating their animals. I know we have to kill them somehow, but this just made me bawl my eyes out :'( I believe that this animal cruelty should stop.

After watching this video, I could not believe Walmart buys their meat from this farm. I would highly recommend not buying any food there ever again.

It just makes you wonder about how many other products they buy are just like this one. Pigs do not deserve to have their heads beaten on the concrete and left there to die and suffer.

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New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States #769703

Please people, go work on a farm and do a little research before you post videos like this. Most of the people who are shown in this video are mercy for animals employees.

Yes, that's right, the people who are in the video acting 'cruel' towards these animals are actually employees of the company who is trying to sabatoge the agriculture industry. Blunt force trauma on baby pigs is the most humane way to euthanize baby pigs. Go read a research journal from the hundreds of agriculture universities in this country. Tail dockings have to be done or else pigs will chew on each other's tails, causing infections and dead pigs.

Castrations have to be done due to boar taint. Don't believe any of this, do the research.

If you people would spend half the effort you do posting all this ***, actually researching why things are done the way they are in agriculture, or if any of you would go spend some time

ON a farm, you wouldn't be posting ignorant videos such as these. Mercy for Animals, PETA, and HSUS all have one goal — to shut animal production down and turn everyone into a vegan.

:cry i cant STOP crying since i have seen the *** you put your pigs & other animals through...God said vengeance is his...So when God takes you & treats you like you do to your animals...Dont be so surprised when your head hits the ground over & over again...I will never eat your *** ever again & yes, i will make sure that i keep sending this out...Till you have to shut down...Who is the PIG here??? :upset
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada #769276

What a bunch of tough guys.. I'd like to meet these *** guys and gouge their eyes out, kick their guts in and slam their faces to the pavement.. That's unreal people get away with this ***

Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom #769148

This treatment is disgusting ,it should be done humanely,and the company should be ashamed !!!!!!!!!

to disgusted Lillian, Alabama, United States #769201

Who filmed this? Seems like the abusive workers would know they were being filmed which makes the abuse worse.

So much abuse occurs because nobody higher up gives a ***; "whatever the traffic will bear".

Tyson should be fined for this & forced to undergo regular inspections from now on. The workers shown should be charged with animal cruelty & prosecuted & if illegals, deported!

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