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Sorry just wont cut it. These are not people handling animals, these are animals pretending to be monsters.

Sanity is all but lost. You obviously have no idea what goes on and are clueless too this cruelty. I would say that you should be ashamed of your actions but I'm sure you would turn a blind eye to it anyway. All you care about is turning out product faster and faster and faster whatever the means.

In this day and age you could at least monitar your pety workforce.

Rot, just like your company is slowing doing. Good riddance.

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Tyson Food you should be ashamed that you have employees that beat and murder poor animals like that. Slamming those poor animals to the ground and watching them scream in pain.

Kicking punching even throwing a *** bowling ball at these animals heads. Anyone involved in this should be place in jail for the rest of there lives.

Tyson foods you are a shame on the world. Wal-Mart you need to find a different supplier for all your meat products because I would not want to be in business for the company like Tysons food who allows employees to do such cruel and harmful things

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