Wow. I am not even an animal enthusiast.

But that video made me cry so much. How can u tolerate this is in your company. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF THAT WAS DONE TO YOUR PET THAT HAS FEELINGS AND THAT ADORE SO MUCH? OR YOUR CHILDREN THAT HAVE FEELINGS?

That really Is cruelty to the fullest extent. There is no need to torture the pigs.. tyson disgusts me and you better believe I Will never buy tyson foods EVER AGAIN.

For that I hope the tyson company goes bankrupt. Iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii iii iiii iiii iiiii jsos jabsuid jsika hduixjd sjshxis sjdjf jzyisjs jxhosms dhksika sjxgjsn djxgisjs jxgjdja hhzkanhd jisjxgjdn jsuskanghf jdiokd jdud jxuek dhyajsb

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