I am beyond pissed off and ashamed of everybody that works for this company. I understand that the pigs are eventually going to need yo be killed for food, but to torture them like that is just simply cruel and disgusting.

Those animals are completely helpless kicking, hitting and throwing them around like a bunch of dolls.. are you kidding me?! I have shared that video all over different sites to make sure word gets around. I will no longer be buying nor eating any of your products.

Every single person in that video and any other person that does things like that and was not shown in the video should be fired and should be sentenced to jail for animal cruelty. What if that was someone doing that to your pet or *** even your baby?. Babies are just as helpless as those pigs and any other animal. How do you live with yourselves knowing this is happening in your company?

Absolutely repulsive.

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