I'm not sure I can translate the level of anger,disgust, or sheer sadness this video brought up inside me, but I'll try.I've seen videos similar to this before, sadly. Most sad, is that they never moved me to take action before.

But, that complacency has ended!

Witnessing the inhumane treatment of these helpless creatures, has set a fire,a fire that will be answered....... look out Tyson foods.I intend to hit you where it will hurt you the most, your pockets!

I don't care what your excuse is, you have an obligation to those you sell your supposed "healthy", " wholesome" food to. To make it the very best, which neglect and abuse can never do. And , you have an obligation to the creatures in your care, or in the care of others you intrust the responsibility to.You owe humane care for them.

End of story, no excuses. Take responsibility now, offer your very best, to your fellow humans. Ask yourself, would I eat that pig, that was just kicked across the floor?

Would I feed it to my family?! I know I won't Tyson foods!

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