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I just watched that disgusting vile video posted of your Tyson Food employees treating animals in utter disrespect. What you are doing to those animals is horrible its vicious its animal abuse, they are a living creature too maybe they can't speak or talk but they are living and belong in the world.

These animals are being raised for food but why not make they're lives worth living make them happy give them room let them roam and be happy, take the original farmers ways where animals deserved respect. I'm sick of companies caring about profit not caring how or what they do wrong, they just want profit. What has this world come to.

Tyson we the people are distributed and outraged at the treatment of your animals fix this or fear the punishments we the people can hand out to you, we buy your product we help you stay afloat dont *** the consumer off but you did, so fix this problem now. My word of advice fire those workers, give the pigs freedom and the happiness they need and then you wont have problems if you fix these things and all the others we don't know about yet we won't have a problem.

Sincerely, Andrew

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East Elmhurst, New York, United States #769137

:-( :"(

I'll never going to buy your products againg

It's disgusting,&'#%<€£¥?%# what I saw in tha video

:? :sigh

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