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Most disgusting thing I've ever seen tasted or even witnessed.I paid $10 for 6 pieces of Brown chewy and 99% fat "chicken thighs".

Grossed me out so much it ruined my appetite and I couldn't even eat the rest of my meal.I honestly don't think I'll ever eat chicken again.

Review about: Tyson Foods Chicken Thighs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I dont buy prepackaged meats as a rule.I much prefer the deli/meat counter at a local store.

The product is much more fresh and I can SEE the condition and color of the meats I buy.

What are YOU expecting out of prepackaged meat??YOU will NEVER find the same quality in pre-frozen, pre-weighed,pre-packaged meats that your local store butcher can offer.


I can't touch thighs. I don't think the brand matters.

New York, New York, United States #1316928

That's what you get when you purchase Tyson chicken, garbage. Buy your store brand, it will be 100x better...

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