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I used to eat Tyson Chicken patties for lunch almost daily, well today is the final straw.I can't hardly stand to choke that chicken down any longer, it has a disgusting texture and taste.

It used to not be this way, over the past couple of years something changed and TYSON Chicken is disgusting. The chicken strips and patties have some ligaments or some type of clear cartridge in the meat that taste nasty. I don't think Tyson really cares if we are happy with their product or not.

Please shut your doors, do not make any more chicken products and live on the streets.I will never buy Tyson Chicken anything again.

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i will never buy another tyson product.just threw away a bag of crispy chicken strips.

they didnt even taste or look like chicken.so disgusting!!


Second Tyson product bought from Costco.Absolute garbage.

Both the chicken nuggets and now the chicken strips.

It's obvious they used the worst part of the 'chicken,' the reject bits, pressed them together using God knows what and coated it with a ton of breading hoping you won't notice.

To put out this kind of product should be illegal.

Tyson will not be getting anymore of my money.Greedy bastards are passing off garbage for food.


They now bleach them with ammonia to prevent salmonella. That's right, when you eat Tyson, you are eating ammonia bleached chicken. Tyson thinks that-instead of developing sustainable ways to prevent cross contamination during meat processing- it's better to just drench your meat in chemicals


I agree..I grew up on Tyson chicken patties and loved them.

They have changed somehow into this gross texture and flavor.

They used to puff up a bit and steam would escape them when you microwaved them, and they would be juicy.Now they just sit there with a weird texture and taste gross.

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