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So, I made the mistake of purchasing a bag of Tyson Chicken patties and figured I'd eat them until pay day. (I was having a tight week on funds) Well the two days I had eaten the sandwiches I hadn't consumed any other foods, just two sandwiches each day.

I honestly lost count how many times I went to the restroom, after the 6th trip.

My stomach was so crampy, and I would suddenly get the urge to use the restroom. I honestly feel that it was the chicken patties that made me I'll, since that was the only thing I consumed those two days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tyson Foods Chicken Wings.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This has happened twice now where I ate the bagged chicken nuggets and am sitting on the toilet. My stomach is in the worst pain imaginable.

I’ve puked both times, and it’s coming out the other end like water. What in the actual *** Tyson?


I ate Tyson chicken patty yesterday for the family as I’m a tow truck driver and it was my turn to cook so I did something easy we all had sandwiches my girlfriend and I each had two and we have both been using the restroom non stop since last night shortly after dinner


Disgusting quality. I was woken out of a dead sleep with horrible cramps.

I had to run to the bathroom.

Do not buy these disgusting things. I'm so mad and sick


I’m puking and can’t get off the toilet from the bagged chicken...


Yo I just bought the chicken nuggets from Tyson and I been *** for a weeks straight it’s rushing out of me so if this is happening to you we should all get together and sue


Unless you want to be on the toilet do NOT buy these I believe cross contamination is involved I tried them twice same results I have warned my loved ones who also have Celiac's NOT TO BUY!


good thing i only ate a few cause but i feel like they add to much breadeding and to much vinger geez they can do so much better but the peices of meat i had was actually meat i could see it just smelled like sweet vinger any one had that happen?


well at least im not alone in this. i usually buy foster farms tenders, but for some reason went with tyson last week. every time i eat em i have the *** like clockwork.


I’m SO disappointed in Tyson. Yesterday I spend 9 dollars on so-called “Gluten-free breaded chicken naturals”.

About 20 minutes after eating them I had the runs and it kept coming for at least an hour. It makes me sick that their overpricing the *** out of this when in all actuality it’s garbage.


I'm sure the comment it still on here but there was two people who commented that they tasted bleach in their chicken. So it's very scary to think what we're consuming.If you think about it the government and big pharma is not going to make it's money on HEALTHY people. So there's no telling what goes into our food.


Def agree. Had Tyson boneless chicken wings and man does my stomach hurt. Along with burping (smells of rotten eggs) and diarrhea.

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