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Over the years I've eaten Tyson chicken patties because they were #1 cheep, and #2 high quality. Both of these are now false, being a college kid with very little money I decided to spoil myself and pick up a 4 pack of Tyson Chicken Patties for $5, let me say that again... FIVE, ***, DOLLARS. That's $1.33 a patty, for that price it better be a *** good. I get home and bake it in the over to have it turn out a play dough constancy. I literally swished it between my fingers. Looking on the box it says "All natural". There is no way in *** anything in this patty is natural. So, feeling down I go back to the store assuming I had just bought a bad box, I'm not a unreasonable guy, mistakes happen.

I get home with the new box and open it up, first thing I see is that there are only 3 patties in the box and one of them is almost burnt black. I heat up one in the oven and one in the microwave to fine them both to still be almost play dough, but still I was hungry so I tried to eat one. Let me say this again, I'm a college kid, I can live of Roman Noodles, and my body REJECTED this piece of "chicken". I spent the rest of that day in the bathroom thinking I was going to die.

At that point I decided to contact the support on their website Tysonfoods.com only to be told that It's not their fault I didn't enjoy their product and that if I wanted to avoid a lawsuit I should not be posting about it on social media. (I had linked them to a Facebook page with thousands of other people complaining about the same thing when the person talking to me assumed I was the only one with this problem.)

You are the Comcast of food. I hope your CEOs go broke. I hope everything is taken from you. I hope you get shutdown by the FDA for selling garbage as natural chicken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tyson Foods Chicken Thighs.

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Ramen not Roman. 40 billion a year and the world's largest protein producer. CEOs not going to go broke anytime soon


5 dollars divided by 4 is $1.25 and not $1.33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better worry more about your education or lack there of than Tyson chicken patties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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