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After watching this terrible video I don't know how to describe this feeling. It was just terrible.

Such an awful way of treating the animals. It's just sick how awful the animals were treated. They were torture while still being alive. Wouldn't it had just been better if u shot them in the head.

That would have hurt them less. I was just so pissed ready to burst into tears. Animals have feelings to you bastards. They can feel too.

I will never see bacon the same again and I will never by Tyson's food ever again *** your food industries!

P.s the video on the bottom is not the actual video but its parts from it

Monetary Loss: $50.

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What you people think that cow or pig wants to get eaten? Everything fights to live.

Yes the state of some slaughter houses IS deplorable. But it’s because of the demands YOU THE CONSUMER have placed on that system. Ask any hunter if dressing a deer is easy or not messy. The same is true for any animal that is eaten.

Killing and prepping anything is messy. The whole system needs a revamp. Also you don’t KNOW that video represents ANY American company nor do we have ANY indication of a timeline.

Just saying we can condemn but realize it’s what WE ASKED FOR. We wanted bigger and better and faster so THIS is the cost of that greed.


After watching that video, at this time, Im going vegitarian.


This isn't only Walmart suppliers. This is what happens when people's souls are damned.

Alvin, Texas, United States #755549

I will not ever purchase your food! I hope God makes this video go viral and karma comes back to your company.

Most sicking thing inhuman behavior of sick people.

I will remember that in my mind forever... :(

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