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While preparing dinner for my family I found TUMORS in the Tyson chicken wings!!! How can Tyson feed American families this diseased rubbish???? Add comment

Buffalo chicken strips taste like a bar of soap. I want my TEN DOLLARS BACK.... this is *** Add comment

I found a piece of plastic in my chicken nugget i wounder how many i ate with that plastic in it i am so discusted with then bs. Add comment

  • Mar 09
  • Food Vendors
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Chicken Patty
  • 24

I used to eat Tyson Chicken patties for lunch almost daily, well today is the final straw. I can't hardly stand to choke that chicken down any longer, it has a disgusting texture and taste. It used to not be this way, over the past couple of years something changed and TYSON Chicken is disgusting. The chicken strips and patties have some ligaments or some type of clear cartridge in the meat that... Read more

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I can't believe there was little product in an unopened bag of Tyson Chicken. This is an $8 bag that can only feed two people in one sitting. This is way over priced and I will never buy from this company again. Add comment

  • Mar 01
  • Food Vendors
  • Chicken Liver
  • 68
Tyson Foods - Review about Chicken Liver
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Cant believe i found this in my livers. The first ones i bought were the same , i returned and got more livers with a gall bladder in both . Ive never had this problem before . I'll never eat livers again thank you Tyson Read more

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  • Feb 21
  • Food Vendors
  • Delaware, United States
  • Chicken
  • 14

Tyson chickens are abused. Live in the in the dark, it is so bad ,they won't let TV people in the building.something should be done.where is the government ? Congress should spend a vacation with the chickens. Chickens are piled on trucks, and in the freezing temperature,feathers flying all over the road,why is allowed to happen? Whoever you are I think you should spend time in the dark with the... Read more

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Currently picking up load here at pinebluff ar been sitting here 10 hours waiting on paperwork for load...basically the same at every other plant I go too and y'all expect loads to be delivered on time...something needs to be changed immediately about this process Add comment

  • Jan 10
  • Food Vendors
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Barbecue Wings
  • 26

Your tyson honey BBQ wyngs totally sucked . Talk about false advertising, commercial and packaging show real meat glossy healthy looking. What a joke !!gross processed nuggets in a ball . Straight 2 the garbage this shhh went family wanted no part of them . Bought junk on a snowy night thought quick serve food Lil time n kitchen, should have not wasted gas ,trip or time . Ate salad instead thank... Read more

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Bought some Tysons chicken piri piri style. We had to throw it out. It is way too hot for this area. Should be modified a bit for the life time locals here. A hint of spices is misleading. Add comment

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